In 2007, I launched my very first website. Proud to be online, I had to re­alize, that frames and tables are not exactly brilliant, so I went back to the drawing-board. You live and learn.

Now, in 2012, this site features a couple of different sections about design & development; categorized in three (interrelated) sections: common hypothetical articles can be found within the readers’ section, whereas the designers’ section contains well documented design issues. Especially the developers’ section offers you tutorials, hints, source code and more.

But first things first. My name is Sven and I’m studying mediadesign at Hof University (Germany).
I am really into design and in the majority of cases I appreciate clean and reduced solutions. Having a deep relation to software and web, I pushed the focus on interface­ and interaction­ design.

Therefore this blog is dedicated to every lovely detail in design. I hope you enjoy it.