Full-Stack Web Development

When a website's backend and frontend are seamlessly integrated, you get a website that is responsive, reliable, and super-fast.

I tailor websites and web applications exactly to your specific needs.

With load time, security and SEO in mind, I aim for the long-term success of your website, making it modular, extendable and maintainable.

Through consistent, thoughtful and clear communication from my side, you are always up to date so that you can focus on the big picture.


Backend Development

All of my projects are based on a modern toolkit.
I take things one step further with task runners and continuous integration pipelines to automate repeated tasks and to support you and your team.


Frontend Development

I make websites with a responsive and adaptive frontend. As a result, the websites are speedy and easy to extend.
Throughout the project, I'll keep in contact with you and your team to make sure everything fits in well.

Development with modern Technologies

  • Frontend Development

    The responsive frontend is based on HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), JavaScript, jQuery or Vue.js, is W3C valid and optimized for performance and SEO.

  • Backend Development

    Development of fast and maintainable JSON APIs as well as the development of modular and extendable packages with PHP.

  • Web Development

    PHP package, theme and plugin development according to PSR coding standards, monitored through Laravel Telescope, Laravel Horizon and tested with PHPUnit, Laravel Dusk or Cypress.

  • Frameworks

    Frameworks like Laravel, Laravel Zero and Laravel Lumen are used to develop landing pages, microservices, and JSON APIs.

  • Content Management

    Content is managed via WordPress or Laravel Nova or simply generated from markdown and blade files.

  • Performance

    Optimization of load times through the use of code minification, data compression (Gzip), caching, CDN and more.

  • Version Control

    Source-control management via Git SCM (also on GitHub and GitLab) is key to version software and to collaborate in teams.

  • Task-Manager

    Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt are tools used to automate repetitive tasks and to build development workflows.

  • Deployment

    Automated zero-downtime deployments with Laravel Envoy and continuous integration pipelines.

Full-Stack Development: Combination of Technologies

    • Websites, Landingpages & Microsites

      Outstanding websites are the result of successful interdisciplinary work. Alongside technical implementation, the interface and UX design are critical to how visitors interact with the page or web service.

    • Software as a Service (SaaS)

      Dynamic and high-performance applications require extensive knowledge on backend/frontend interaction. Continuous development and reliable support are central to SaaS.

    • Content Management Systems (CMS)

      WordPress is perfect as a CMS for individually designed websites and blogs.
      Laravel Nova suits best as beautifully designed admin panel to manage resources, metrics and custom fields.

    • Project Support

      I will support you and your team every step of the way so you never get lost. Through shorter advising sessions or more in-depth workshops, I will provide the level of software training you need.

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How you benefit

  • Reliable and competent partner for backend and frontend development.
  • Individual, responsive and fast websites adapted to your needs.
  • Support with short response times and easily understandable answers.
  • GDPR compliant and quality
    Made in Germany.

General communication

For general inquiries you can also reach me via email at: office@hofmannsven.com

Tech & security

In case of technical issues or emergencies, send me an email at: security@hofmannsven.com

About me

I appreciate the combination of code & design in the backend as well as in the frontend.

During the development, I prioritize clean and clearly structured code, developer-friendly interfaces (APIs), automated testing and deployment, and, of course, the documentation.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Media Design, I also put a lot of emphasis on interface and UX design in frontend development.

Together, we develop an individualized website that fulfills your wishes and is the best solution for your company.

I am happy to offer expert advice on the right tools or frameworks for your specific website.


Let's connect!

Want to learn more about my services, or get a quote for a project? You can reach out to me via the contact form or by email:

Open Source

In addition to working as a freelance web developer, I'm involved in the open source community on WordPress Stack Exchange.

Also, as a co-founder of the WordPress Developer Meetup in Berlin, you can find me there regularly as an organizer, planner, and speaker. (I'm also at PHP and Laravel meetups.)

In the past, I developed the CleverReach Extension for WordPress, a WordPress plugin installed on more than 600 active sites.
My other open source projects and packages can be found on GitHub and CodePen.


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